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A Meditation on Ray Wallace and Sasquatch

Part Eight: Aren’t You a Little Short to be a Sasquatch?

Bob Heirronimous gets a little write up here. His height is noted as 6′, and he is said to be muscular. He has also said that he was an active participant in the alleged fraud, and that he wore the infamous ape suit during the filming.

A side note here, earlier in this series I said that Patty was variously estimated to be 7, 3″ or 7′ 6″, when the actual estimates were 7′ 6″ or 8′ tall. Keep this in mind as you read this post.

With the earlier mistake corrected we can now go on to note a few salient facts. First, 6′ is rather shorter than 7′ 6″. Noticeably shorter as a matter of fact. Second, Patty’s proportions don’t match Bob’s. That is to say, Bob’s arms and legs are shorter in proportion to his body, while his lower legs are longer in proportion to his upper legs.

And lets not forget the head. Now over all Bob does have a smaller head, but he also has a larger brain case. He also has smaller jaws then are evident with Patty. Bob’s lack of a sagittal crest doesn’t help matters any.

His purported recreation of the costume he says he wore doesn’t help his case any. For one thing, he looks like a man in an ape suit. For another, the suit he wore for the infamous recreation has orange hair. Patty in the original film had distinctly brown hair. So wrong height, wrong proportions, wrong hair color; and some people take this clown seriously.

There is a mash-up showing the costumed Bob Heironimous superimposed on Patty. A few have claimed that this proved that Bob was the man wearing the suit. Based on what I know, the mash-up was produced to show that Bob could not be Patty. Because he was too small, wrongly proportioned, and his costume sucked creamy peanut butter from dessicated kumquats compared to what it would take to reproduce Patty’s look.

The fact people take Bob Heironimous seriously shows how desperate those people are to deny any possibility sasquatch exist. It is a fear of being wrong, and being caught out as a fool by their friends. Which is the point of this entire series, but I thought I’d emphasis it in this installment.

Going off on a tangent now, I saw the NatGeo documentary on sasquatch again over the weekend, and this time around I noticed a huge mistake the producers made.

They forgot to compare a 7′6″ human with the 7′6″ Patty. Would have illustrated the differences in proportion much better than what they did do.

When next I post on this subject: Some Final Thoughts on the Man in an Ape Suit Scenario

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