Mythusmage (mythusmage) wrote,

[Once More We Are] Defending the Non-Existent

A Meditation on Ray Wallace and Sasquatch

Part Seven: Ya try to take a dump…

In our previous post in this series , Defending the Non-Existent (Yet Again). we had a look at the humans’ reaction to Patty. (And the horses’ reactions as well.) Here now we’ll take a look at Patty’s reaction.

And what was Patty’s reaction? I don’t know about you, but she looked annoyed to me. Pissed because the dang humans were pestering her. She gave no sign that she knew them, no sign she had any idea what a camera or a rifle was. This is an ignorance so profound it amounts to utter.

This is not a human reaction. Humans for one thing react much differently to other humans. As far as Patty is concerned, Roger and Bob are just strange creatures doing strange and threatening things. Roger is running towards her with this rock in his hands, while Bob is pointing a stick at her. Patty shows no sign she recognizes the camera or the firearm, much less knows what they do.

If Patty was played by a human in an ape suit, then that person was profoundly retarded. Folks, I don’t think even Bob Heironemous is that stupid. I mean, there is profoundly clueless and there is utterly clueless. Patty was utterly clueless.

And before anybody can point out the possibility; nobody’s that good an actor.

Patty’s response is just wrong for a human. Especially for a human who has presumably been raised in the United States, and has some basic familiarity with the technology of the time. It is fairly obvious to any one who isn’t blinded by their own bigotry that she has no idea what she’s dealing with. All she knows as that a pair of strange creatures are looking at her with a certain lean and hungry look. And one is even advancing on her, while the other one is shaking a stick at her. Folks, in a similar situation I should think you would all be a little hostile and defensive too.

You don’t get that sort of reaction from people who know you. Even when they’re pretending to be startled by strangers it has a studied, practiced look to it. For part of a conspiracy Patty, whoever she was in real life, is acting all wrong. If she was hired by Patterson to play a sasquatch, then Roger hired a paranoiac with a bad memory.

And that’s it; Patty was a very tall mental patient with advanced Alzheimers and odd proportions. Gosh, how have they kept her hidden for so long?

No, Patty acted like an animal who knew just enough about humans to not trust them. As a matter of fact, I’ll bet her opinion of humans and their nefarious ways was drawn on her great ignorance of the animals. Patty, in short, acts as if she thinks Patterson and Gimlin are some sort of mutant Sasquatch, a parody of the sasquatch ideal and so not to be trusted. To her the men were just wrong.

I’ve got news for people, humans behave towards other humans in a similar way. They act with familiarity; familiarity with humans, and familiarity with human tools. Patty shows no such familiarity. She doesn’t know humans, she doesn’t trust humans. Finding a human being with that deep a level of ignorance and distrust of her own species, with such an odd morphology and such a height, stretches coincidence to the breaking point.

Which leads to my final point in this post. Why Patty? Why that particular person to play Patty. Why anyone with such obvious problems, and such a distinctive appearance. Did Roger Patterson hire Patty from her dad or care taker in order to hoax people? Or are we taking this whole hoax thing a little too far?

What are we really seeing in the Patterson-Gimlin Film? We’re seeing a sasquatch behave in normal sasquatch fashion during an unexpected encounter with strange, and rather off-putting, creatures.

Coming Soon…

Bob Heironemous, Skin Walker.

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