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July 5th, 2018

Dangerous Journeys

Originally published at Dangerous Journeys. Please leave any comments there.

This entry is part 1 of 1 in the series Personae


I have rewriting to do, and this time around I’m focusing so I don’t get overwhelmed by the task.

On Personae

In Dangerous Journeys a persona is a role taken by player or guide that acts as a representative of him in play. Now by and large the role a player takes is known as an Heroic Persona—HP. Heroic in that the persona is an above average soul capable of being heroic, more so that most others in the world. Now an HP doesn’t have to be a hero, nor can he be expected to be heroic on every occasion, but he is capable of being heroic.

As an Heroic Persona the player is expected to have adventures, to travel to new lands, to see new sights. Or he may just be called upon to do heroic things and to deal with foes and troubles others may feel themselves overwhelmed by. For the Heroic Persona is most often somebody more capable than an ordinary person, being stronger, smarter, even wiser than the ordinary course of individual. Doesn’t mean he’s going to be the hero, but he does have what it takes to be heroic.

Other Personae

In turn the guide takes on the role of an Other Persona—OP.  They are the people the HPs meet and interact with, They are the foes and allies, those who call upon the Heroic Personae for assistance, who assist them, or oppose them. Think of them as the supporting cast. Or the antagonists to the HPs protagonists. OPs come in the following types.

Evil Persona

While rather ordinary fellows, the Evil Persona—EP—is nasty sort of chap out to cause trouble and make life hard for people. Most of the time they’re not exactly much trouble, but depending on how guide and players handle things they can be a handful.

Friendly Persona

Also rather ordinary sorts, this time around the typical FP—Friendly Persona—is more apt to be helpful. Not that he’s always going to be helpful in any real way, but at least his intentions are good.

Other Persona

Of course most Other Personae—OPs—won’t really be helpful or obstructive, just there. Depending on how things go they could become EPs or FPs, but they don’t have to. When you think of them think of extras and minor supporting cast.


Think of these roles as being DJ’s version of major supporting casting and villains. They come in two types.

Heroic Personage—HPG

The HPG is the guide’s version of the HP, what another RPG may call a Game Master Character—GMC. It is the HPG’s role to support the HPs, to act as their contact, their patron and sponsor. He may be their employer, or even the party who calls upon them for help, There may even be times when he’s actually more competent than they are, but sometimes he is going to need their help.

Monstrous Personage—MPG

Finally you have the MPG, the big bad if you would. Monstrous Personages are rather nasty people, with a nasty reputation. They’re really not the sorts you can just dispose of as you might some minion, and in fact they may even be an ally or a patron the HPs have come to rely on. The MPG is not to be taken for a fool, but treated with caution, wisely.

End Note

And that is the Persona in Dangerous Journeys. He is not just a playing piece, but should instead be treated as an individual much like you. For in a sense he is you, as you might be in a Dangerous Journeys world.

Up Next

The first step in creating a Persona, determining his Socio-Economic Class, or SEC.

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