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What it Comes Down To

Everything is a coincidence, nothing can be planned for or arranged beyond the basic desire to see something happen. You can predict what is most likely to happen, you can plan for what you’d most like to see happen, but at no time will matters happen exactly as you want them to. Anybody who says they can and have have either never tried anything, or has heavily edited his account.

A role playing guide is not a story where you have control over what happens, an RPG is a bit of life where events do happen with no concern to any plot or device.

Plan to meet your best friend at the mall. Her making it is a coincidence; for she could have met somebody unexpected, you could’ve met somebody unexpected, the island of Nantucket could have suddenly appeared from beneath a silver dome some 50 miles high signalling a fundamental change in the fabric of reality.Most anything. Nothing can ever be absolutely guaranteed, unless your talking about the absolute guarantee that something can always go wrong.

We’ll get into the consequences of this where Dangerous Journeys 

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    Nothing Really

    What This is not

    This is not really a post

    What This is

    This is an audition, a tryout. I’m doing to to see what kind of table of contents I get. If I get what I’m looking for then I’ll be using the TOC plugin on my DJ posts.

    That’s All

    You have been warned.

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      The Rules

      First of All

      No SPAM. That is forbidden here and shall not be accepted

      Other Than That

      Other than that I have the following requests…

      • Be nice

      • Be courteous

      • Mind your manners

      • Mind your language

      • Treat others as they would like to be treated—with the obvious exception of masochists

      • Write clearly and be concise

      • Read carefully

      • Take the time to think about what you just read

      • If you don’t understand what another has said, ask nicely what they meant

      • When you have a correction offer that correction nicely

      • Accept when another disagrees with you

      Those are my rules and I thank you for following them.


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        This is my site on Dangerous Journeys, the role playing engine and those role playing guides that use that engine. This is where I write on and about Dangerous Journeys, present old and new DJ material, and hope to have the Mythus role playing guide for you to try out—someday soon I hope.

        You see something you can use, go ahead and use it. You’d rather use it your own way, go right ahead. I can’t tell you what to do, all I can do is make suggestions and give you hints. How you do things is entirely your business, all I can do is to urge you to consider carefully what you mean to do and to try your best while always being ready to correct any errors you make.

        You’re welcome to comment, but I must ask that you be nice. There are other rules, but they will be in Rules. Hope you find things to use here, and that you come back whenever you have the time.

        Alan Kellogg 14:56:37 11/23/2016

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